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POP! That’s the sound of the bond market bubble popping! Everyone who thinks their bond investments are safe hedges against the stocks in the other half of their portfolio might be in for a huge and very depressing surprise.¬†The above chart, courtesy of igold, represents the price of the US […]

The surprise (to some) Brexit vote in June of 2016 followed by the surprise (to some) election of Donald Trump may be followed by some equally¬†surprising elections in Europe this year. On March 15th the Netherlands will have a chance to shock the world again with their general election. Followed […]

In today’s environment of zero interest, how much of a return do you think you can safely make? 1/2 of a percent? 3/4 of a percent? 1 or maybe 2%? Well, the biggest pension fund in the land, CALPERS, after earning 4.6% annually on their investments over the past decade, […]