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Something big happened in Switzerland. The Swiss National Bank (their central bank like our Federal Reserve) surprised the world by uncoupling their unit of currency, the Swiss Franc, from the Euro. This roiled financial markets and put some fx (foreign currency exchange) companies out of business as the Swiss Franc jumped […]

Part of what I do as a practicing CPA is educate my clients. One of the best ways to do that is to share with them the things that I read. On a daily basis, the best read is a website that is updated a few times a day but […]

I just wrote last month about the razor-thin percentage of the six trillion dollar FDIC-insured bank accounts versus the tiny amount of reserves  available in the event of a large bank(s) collapse. Well lo and behold, the brilliant minds  in Congress just passed a spending bill that includes the Citibank-written […]

Can you identify the group of clowns? This year there are some very important tax issues that have billions of dollars worth of business decisions riding on whether or not they will be extended past December 2013 (their expiration date without any extension). Congress has not acted on these important […]


Smart people buy insurance for important things. House, car, business, jewelry, health, life, none of us goes without insuring our important things. So why is your money sitting there in the bank or in a brokerage account uninsured? I know you are going to tell me about FDIC and SIPC. […]

November 2014

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October 2014

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