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In today’s environment of zero interest, how much of a return do you think you can safely make? 1/2 of a percent? 3/4 of a percent? 1 or maybe 2%? Well, the biggest pension fund in the land, CALPERS, after earning 4.6% annually on their investments over the past decade, […]

Something big happened in Switzerland. The Swiss National Bank (their central bank like our Federal Reserve) surprised the world by uncoupling their unit of currency,┬áthe Swiss Franc, from the Euro. This roiled financial markets and put some fx (foreign currency exchange) companies out of business as the Swiss Franc jumped […]


Smart people buy insurance for important things. House, car, business, jewelry, health, life, none of us goes without insuring our important things. So why is your money sitting there in the bank or in a brokerage account uninsured? I know you are going to tell me about FDIC and SIPC. […]