“All the News that’s Fit to Fake!”

I have felt for a long time that I have been reading “fake news.” I trust the mainstream media for traffic reports, baseball box scores and obituaries. But if it is a story that might be something important, can they really be believed? I mean, look at the system we have. The giant corporations pay for advertising to keep the networks and newspapers afloat. In return the networks “filter” or “edit” their “news.” The conflict of interest is massive.

Combine that with the fact that 90% of news outlets are owned by about four or five large corporations, and even a blind man can see that “the fix is in.”

In that spirit, I want to share with you a few “alternative media” websites that I trust to give me “less fake” news on a daily basis. They are not perfect, but I trust them a lot more than I trust the mainstream. So here goes:




Those should keep you busy for a few hours!