The surprise (to some) Brexit vote in June of 2016 followed by the surprise (to some) election of Donald Trump may be followed by some equally surprising elections in Europe this year. On March 15th the Netherlands will have a chance to shock the world again with their general election. Followed by France in May then Germany in October.

Ever since the NAFTA debacle of 1994, America has entered into numerous “free trade” agreements that have damaged American jobs and exports. Ever heard of CAFTA? That’s the 2005 follow-up that was passed by our Congress under cover of darkness one night in 2005 squeaking through by a one vote margin. Sweatshops now throughout Central America pay so little that many families cannot afford to feed their children on two parents’ so-called “wages.”

How much does it help an American to have a store full of cheap goods to buy but no job to earn money to buy those goods with? Given the choice, I think the average American worker would choose a good job and more expensive items over cheap items with no jobs. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the voting lately, you can’t have both for everybody.

Don’t be surprised if in a year from now we are all living in a very different economic world!